Meet Katerina

Owner of Pastel Tides Body Care

I have been obsessed with the relaxing smells and vibrant colors of bath bombs for years and one day decided to look into what ingredients actually go into these fun and fizzy bath mates. I was displeased with my findings because many of my go-to bath bombs contained various synthetic ingredients. I was always fairly conscious of the food and drink I put in my body, but did not consider the other ways that I could ingest damaging materials. So, I decided to craft bath products myself, so I could take comfort in
knowing exactly what I was bathing my body in.

I have used aromatherapy since as long as I can remember, and love crafting essential oil blends that go well beyond just a pleasant smell. My unique bath and body products are handmade with love and care, and most importantly with good quality ingredients. As a full-time massage therapy student, I love the idea of using natural modalities to help restore a person’s body and mind. Pastel Tides has grown from a pastime to a passion for me, and I hope to continue focusing on crafting unique and exciting products that are handmade, natural and cruelty-free.